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Price negotiation and popularity and utilization of housing

Even if you purchase a house for your home, considering the asset value, you can not say that it is cheap. Even if you are not popular and cheap to purchase, it is a merit that you can purchase as cheap as possible as a home as long as you are permanent resident there. However, in the case of selling in the future or utilizing it in renting, it will be impossible unless it is a land bubble that prices become popular only when properties that are not popular become popular. It may be possible, but in general it will be a property with considerable value. If it is not popular, the decline rate will also increase. It means that it will not sell even if it is made cheap. Properties that can not be sold in second-hand good-lived detached houses are very cheap.

From that point as well, even if you can purchase cheaply unpopular properties by negotiating prices, it will be up to the person who bought it to use it beyond the price you purchased. People who have obtained a high level of satisfaction will have won more than the purchase price by themselves. However, in the case of a person who puts value in asset value, it may feel that he failed knowing the declining rate. In considering the real estate value, we need to carefully examine what to do in the future and what to feel satisfied.

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