Look for a supplier who will repair my house when a problem occurs

The value of the house changes greatly due to an earthquake

In each city, town, village, etc., a map called a hazard map is made. It seems like an ordinary map but it is painted in color. There are various types, but if an earthquake came and a tsunami came, it is becoming clear to what extent it will reach. You need to make sure that your home is okay and you can check if there are any dangerous places in the surrounding area.

In the hazard map, we distinguish completely safe places and worrying places. Of course, safe places do not have much impact on the price of the house. In some cases it may be expensive. On the other hand, the value of being worried may change. Even though it was originally a good location, if the possibility of flooding comes out, the evaluation falls down at a stretch. Even if you do not actually occur, you have to worry about it.

In the event that an earthquake actually occurs or a tsunami comes, it may also affect the value at that time. Evaluation may fall as a place where there is an earthquake even if the building is not affected. If you know that an earthquake occurs in advance, you can sell it before that, but in fact it is impossible. You have to make sure to live while grasping what the value of your home will be right now and what will happen with the earthquake.

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