Look for a supplier who will repair my house when a problem occurs

Over loan comes out in the transaction of the house

Many will use mortgage when purchasing a house. You only have to pay at once, but there are not many cases where you can prepare tens of millions of money. It would be better to use mortgage, especially for young people. Because I will pay with the money earned in the future I can say that I can live ahead. Currently the system is substantial. Mortgage loans can be used even at financial institutions.

There may be problems called over loans in that. If you want to sell, it may come out when you want to buy. Although I originally lived, payment of a loan became difficult, and it sometimes sells. The selling price is usually set to the amount that can repay the mortgage. But there is a market price. If the market price is lower than the balance, it may not be sold for more than that amount.

It would be nice if you managed to pay off somehow without remaining bonds, but if you can not do it you will have a mortgage. As expected it is not possible to sell in this state. When there are tens of millions of differences and you can not pay, there are times when you can not sell it. It is good to sell, although I may feel that I bought the one I bought, the transaction may not be established. You have to make a firm decision on the market price at that time.